Sonic Hedgehog

Trio Sonic Hedgehog3J4A2456
Sonic Hedgehog is the unexpected consequence of a chance collaboration between the Dutch musicians Fie Schouten (bass clarinet) and Wiek Hijmans (electric guitar) and the American flutist Shanna Gutierrez, who were brought together by Dutch composer Rozalie Hirs for a trio of separable solos (Infinity Stairs) written for us as individuals. Their desire to continue working together led to the formation of Sonic Hedgehog and commissioning new works for this unique trio.
Shanna Gutierrez flute
Fie Schouten (bass) clarinet
Wiek Hijmans electric guitar
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dates 2015:3J4A2570
10 november: Shanna Gutierrez flutemasterclass at Prince Claus Conservatory Groningen
12 november 20:30: trioconcert De Ruimte Amsterdam-Noord
13 november 20:30: trioconcert Salon de IJzerstaven Amsterdam
10-13febr Chicago USA (Columbia College Residency)


Premiere of Infinity Stairs by Rozalie Hirs sept 2014

Premiere of Adage of Spontaneity by Frederick Gifford sept 2014