Avondconcert 30 mei 2015 Splendor

20:00 avondconcert Klarinet-Basklarinetdag

Bezoekers avondconcert: € 10 / € 8 (Splendorleden) / € 5 (studenten)
Tickets via Splendor

op het programma:

– Balkanpresentatie olv Alex Simu

– nieuw kwartet van Michel Marang

– solo contrabasklarinet door Jacques Dubois

– bekendmaking winnaar basklarinetminiaturen door componist/jurylid Gijsbrecht Royé

– SteinHolzGummiWasser van Tobias Klein door Fie Schouten basklarinet & Bart de Vrees percussie

– Klezmer door Michel Marang klarinet & Peter van Os accordeon


– tutti deelnemers & docenten olv Michel Marang

– Buste van Paul Termos basklarinetten

– Duo Tobias Klein & Oguz Büyükberber

– Arifa met oa. Alex Simu

  • 1 month ago


    Today I'll speak about the bass clarinet and the contemporary music and why this is so great!! It is on a birthdayparty and the person with the birthday loves the instrument and I am invited to give a glimpse to his friends and family what can all be done on the instrument. I'll play live 'The motion caused' by Ig Henneman and ofcourse I'll speak about some great performers like Harry Sparnaay, Eric Dolphy, Josef Horak and great players who are still performing. ...

    2 months ago


    man or women > Harry Sparnaay would be VERY proud that TWO bass clarinetists/composers are this coming half year supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten to compose interesting music: Tobias Klein and Maarten Ornstein ...

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