Low Vibrations 17-19 may ’17 in ViennaS71_3920
@ Universität der Musik und Darstellende Kunst
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24,25 juni City Proms Leeuwarden
Lyrisch Laag geeft les (Fie Schouten basklarinet, Giuseppe Doronzo baritonsax)
premiere basklarinetconcert (basklarinet + clarinetchoir) van Petra Stump
Lyrisch Laag concert (Schouten, Althuis, Doronzo)


  • In Alkmaar vanavond:
    Boi Akih Liquid Songs with:
    Monica Akihary – voice, Niels Brouwer – guitars
    Ryoko Imai – marimba, Reyong en percussie
    Tobias Klein – bass clarinet, contrabassclarinet

    Boi Akih Liquid Songs @ Jazztival When: Saturday 25th of March Where: Theater de Vest, Canadaplein 2, Alkmaar What time 20h00-21h00 Boi Akih Liquid Songs with Monica Akihary – voice Niels Brouwer – guitars Ryoko Imai – marimba, Reyong en percussie Tobias Klein – bass clarinet, contrabassclarinet The Press about Liquid Songs Jazzism Feb/March17 ****1/2 by Ken Vos "The ensemble sounds pleasantly smooth with great attention to small, sophisticated accents in the sound and goes into details in the vocals. Particularly fits the very broad palette of sounds of the percussionist. On this album Boi Akih covers a wider field than ever, simple, melodic folk to rough improvised exchanges.” Haarlems Dagblad Nov 16 by Peter Bruyn “ Liquid Songs, music that is fluid and constantly moving. That applies to more than just the notes that are played. It also reflects how society, our culture and identity continue to renew themselves and to adapt to circumstances. Boi Akih's music is as topical as music can be'. by Peter Bruyn Haarlems Dagblad Nov 16 Niels Brouwer Ryoko Imai percussionist #TobiasKlein #RonRuiten Jazztival Alkmaar Jane de la Fosse Trytone Amsterdam Monica Akihary

    Fourtune is British pianist-composer Julie Sassoon's first quartet recording.
    Sassoon's musical approach draws in equal measure on her classical training and on a love of jazz and improvised music. This marriage goes far beyond the translation of a pianistic technique from one musical area to another but becomes something far deeper and more powerfully emotionally moving in her hands.

    The CD features life-and musical partner Lothar Ohlmeier on reeds, along with a remarkably strong rhythm pairing in bassist Meinrad Kneer and drummer Rudi Fischerlehner. From the outset, the sense is of a group where the primary virtues are mutual respect, empathy and a confidence in each other's abilities. Its gently punning title is no accident.
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    bass clarinetist Jelte Althuis will be coaching students on "interface" by Calliope Tsoupaki ! come and join to listen to the coaching at 14.00 or just to our performance 15.30 : ...

    Nieuwe Noten: Schouten&IJlstra + Conservatorium Groningen

    March 18, 2017, 2:00pm - March 18, 2017, 10:30am

    NIEUWE NOTEN is our concert series for contemporary chamber music. New compositions by contemporary composers by an eclectic combination of musicians. Program: 14:00-15:00 open masterclass by Jelte Althuis (working on Tsoupaki's Interface 15:30 Calliope Tsoupaki – Interface (1996) Cricket sounds + reed quintet with students of the Prins Claus Conservatorium Groningen led by Fie Schouten Christian Lauba - Massai Femke IJlstra altsax & Fie Schouten bass clarinet entrance: donation (think of 5 to 10€) If you want to be on the NIEUWE NOTEN mailinglist, click here: