Basklarinet Festijn 2016

Armand Angster (F), Michael Riessler (D), Duo Petra Stump & Heinz-Peter Linshalm (AT), Stephan Vermeersch (B)
From the Netherlands: Jelte Althuis, Fie Schouten, Tobias Klein, Laura Carmichael, Marij van Gorkom, Oguz Büyükberber

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compilation 29 jan 2016 Bimhuis Amsterdam:

CONCERTS 17-31 jan 2016flyer-xl

17 jan 16:00 Muziekhuis UTRECHT
Gaudeamus Sessie, bcl-works by young composers

20 jan 20:30 De Ruimte AMSTERDAM
Duo Oguz Büyükberber – Tobias Klein, presentation CD ‘Reverse Camouflage’

24 jan 14:15 Orgelpark AMSTERDAM
Michael Riessler (bass clarinet) – Pierre Charial (organ)

24 jan 20:30 LantarenVenster ROTTERDAM
Concert with 11 bass clarinetistsLantarenVenster24jan2016

27 jan Prins Claus Conservatorium GRONINGEN
Duoconcert ‘Masters in concert’ Stump-Linshalm

28 jan 20:15 Wilminktheater ENSCHEDE
Concert with 11 bass clarinetists

29 jan 20:30 Bimhuis AMSTERDAM
Concert with 11 bass clarinetists

31 jan 16:00 Galerie Marzee NIJMEGEN
Trioconcert Stump-Linshalm + Schouten

31 jan 20:00 Zaal 100 AMSTERDAMBimhuisposter29jan2016
Bass clarinet afterparty

21 may De Singel ANTWERPEN

26 nov Intro in Situ MAASTRICHT
Concert with 11 bass clarinetists


6 dec 2015 Avontuurlijke Klarinet-Basklarinetdag Splendor

25/26 jan Prince Claus Conservatoire
masterclass (bass) clarinet/chambermusic Stump-Linshalm

25-27 nov Intro in Situ
“It’s all about Bass clarinet” workshops & masterclasses

Antwerpen Royal Conservatoire 21-22 may 2016

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Schermafbeelding 2016-05-01 om 22.22.03

  • Friday 16 June, Boi Akih 'Controlling the Swing' world premiere at Paradiso/Amsterdam (Holland Festival)!
    With (contra-)bass clarinettist Tobias Klein and
    Monica Akihary: voice
    Niels Brouwer: guitars, electronics
    Ryoko Imai: marimba, percussion
    I Made Subandi: gender, gendang
    Indra Menus: noise
    Rudy Fofid: performer

    Also check out their album 'Liquid Songs' on Trytone.

    Boi Akih at Holland Festival ' A night in Indonesia '

    June 16, 2017, 8:15pm - June 16, 2017, 2:00pm

    Vrijdag 16 Juni Wereldpremière Boi Akih " Controlling the Swing " Controlling the Swing een compositie over haat-liefde. Controlling the Swing gaat over contrasten. Schijnbaar niet verenigbare muzikale tonaliteiten, zoals de Indonesische en de Europese komen bij elkaar in één compositie. Controlling the Swing begint als een confrontatie tussen traditionele en hedendaagse muziek, akoestische klanken en elektronische noise, hout en metaal, tijdloze wijdse vergezichten en nerveuze improvisaties, maar gedurende de compositie versmelten de eerst ogenschijnlijk niet verenigbare stijlen, klanken en stemmingen. In Haat zowel als in Liefde comprimeert energie zich, die een uitweg zoekt. Controlling the Swing wordt dan ook een energiek werk met veel afwisseling in dynamiek, tempo en ritmiek. Dichter Rudi Fofid (Ambon-Stad) zal zeven gedichten schrijven die het uitgangspunt vormen voor Brouwer's compositie. De teksten zijn in het Indonesisch/ Engels /Haruku. Fofid ontving de Maarif Award 2016, een belangrijke vredesprijs in Indonesië voor zijn bijdrage aan de verzoening tussen moslims en christenen na de burgeroorlog (1999-2011) op de Molukken. Monica Akihary: voice Niels Brouwer: guitars, electronics Ryoko Imai: marimba, percussion Tobias Kleine: bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet I Made Subandi: gender, gendang Indra Menus: noise Rudy Fofid: performer Controlling the Swing – a , composition about love-hate. Controlling the Swing is about contrasts. Seemingly incompatible musical tonalities such as those of Indonesia and Europe come together in one composition . Controlling the Swing begins as a confrontation between traditional and contemporary music, acoustic sounds and electronic noise, wood and metal, timeless wide horizons and nervous improvisations, but in the course of the composition the styles, sounds and moods that at first seemed incompatible, melt into one. In love and in hate energy is compressed and seeks an outlet. Controlling the Swing will reflect that energy with a lot of changes in dynamic, tempo and rhythm. Poet Rudi Fofid will write seven poems, which will form the starting point for Brouwer’s compositions . The texts are in Indonesian/ English/Haruku. Rudi Fofid received the Maarif Award 2016, an important Indonesian peace prize, for his contribution to reconciliation between Muslims and Christians after the civil war in the Moluccas (1999 – 2011). Rudi Fofid Alifuru Togutil Indra Menus Made Subandi Niels Brouwer Ryoko Imai #TobiasKlein Monica Akihary Gé Wegman Martijn Grootendorst Julio Hernandez Holland Festival Paradiso Amsterdam A night in Indonesia Jogja Noise Bombing Komunitas Jazz Jogja Wom Maluku Museum Maluku

    zaterdag 24 juni
    12.30-13.30, 14-15u
    Workshop lage klarinetten & saxen in Jacob Catshuis:
    Lyrisch Laag geeft les (Fie Schouten basklarinet, Giuseppe Doronzo baritonsax)
    gratis, wel graag aanmelden:

    Concert Hal van Het Gerechtshof
    premiere basklarinetconcertino door Fie Schouten en Capriccio Clarinet Choir van componiste Petra Stump-Linshalm

    zondag 25 juni
    Concert Wilhelminaplein
    Lyrisch Laag in concert – Fie Schouten, Jelte Althuis basklarinet, Giuseppe Doronzo baritonsax

    Net vers van de pers... onze Festivalkrant! Bekijk 'm ook online 👉

    Vandaag repetitie basklarinet concertino Diep Rood (Tiefes Rot) van Petra Stump-Linshalm uit gevoerd door Fie Schouten (basklarinet) en Capriccio Clarinet Choir olv John de Beer!
    24 juni 15.45 première in Het Gerechtshof Leeuwarden - CityProms Festival (gratis entree!)
    ... shared The Music Movement Project's event. ...

    Feed it! The Music Movement Project

    May 29, 2017, 8:00pm - May 29, 2017, 2:30pm

    Elisabeth Kelvin and friends in association with Foundation IHOS Amsterdam, Presents Feed it! The Music Movement Project Elisabeth Kelvin, clarinet/bass clarinet/movement/choreography Marion Schaap, guitar Peter Constant, guitar Nadia Kelvin, movement/choreography John Plankenhorn, composition/choreography PROGRAM CAVE PAINTING by Phillip Houghton Hunting and dancing are some of the earliest images of human activities depicted in cave paintings. BOURRÉE (Cello Suite No. 4) by J.S. Bach Arr. for bass clarinet by Elisabeth Kelvin Louis XIV inspired people to dance the Bourrée in Versailles. J.S. Bach inspired people to dance it in their own minds. CANTICUM: ECLOSIÓN - DITIRAMBO by Leo Brouwer Arr. for guitar and bass clarinet by Marion Schaap and Elisabeth Kelvin Instrumental music inspired by an ancient chant that emerges and brings to life a rhythmic bacchanalia. BUTTERLIPS by John Plankenhorn A rare, nostalgic journey into the composer's early days exploring eclectic composition combining tonal, modal, twelve-tone elements with a fetching melody and catlike movements. DANZA ESPAÑOLA nr 11 Enrique Granados Z.o.o. guitar brings together lyical melody with sensual rhtyhm in a colorful Spanish dance. FEED IT ALL IT NEEDS 1 - 4 by John Plankenhorn A series of terse abstractions on Samuel Beckett's text composition fizzle 4, whose final phrase is "I'll feed it all it needs". His text is oft interpreted as an exercise in the difficulty of sustaining the thought of one's own death. Music is movement. Movement is life. TRIGGER WARNING by Elisabeth Kelvin, John Plankenhorn and Nadia Kelvin. (World Premiere) Through sound and movement, both serious and humorous, the performer explores the degrees of offence being taken that always challenge freedom of expression in the West. MOIST by John Plankenhorn That which is neither wet nor dry. A contradiction, like composing the right piece for the wrong instrument? NEPITANC by Elisabeth Kelvin A moving piece in two parts inspired by the improvisatory dances of traditional Hungarian folk dance. THREE TANGOS: 1. CAFÉ 1930 (Histoire du Tango) by Astor Piazzolla 2. MILONGA TRISTE by Sabastian Piana 3. LA FORTEZZA DEI GRANDI PERCHÉ by Astor Piazzolla The tango. Pleasure meets pain. Love feeds truth. Movements of the tango are like delicious sparks. Whether it is 1930 or 2017, the sultry flame burns higher the more we feed it! FOR TICKETS: